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Do you need help beating addiction?
I'm Kelly and I'm a Goal Focused Sober Coach

Are you:

-Tired of trying to quit on your own with no support or accountability?

-Done with getting "advice" from a woke person with a clipboard but no addiction experience?

-SURE you are capable of much more but don't know where to start?

-Sick of feeling STUCK?

-New to recovery and wondering..."what the f#@ do I do now?"
-Ready to plug into a recovery community who will support you and hold you accountable?

You have come to the right place!
CONNECT with me 1:1 or my private SOBRIETY COMMUNITY, filled with people who have gone through exactly what you're going through, and have come out the other side with a life better than they had before the addiction took over.
-Daily Accountability
-A unique recovery method that shows you how to achieve your first year CLEAN and SOBER
-Goal setting to create your new purpose and to get you UNSTUCK
-2 x Weekly Coaching Calls on ZOOM
-Proven Phycology Based Strategies that work
-An iOS/Android app you can access 24/7 

This Is The Recovery Formula That I Teach You Because I know It Works:

-GET Your Sobriety Blueprint
-SET Life Changing Goals
-START Becoming Your Sober Self
Are you having chronic "slips"? I have been there. The overlooked "secret" to keeping sobriety is to have a purpose so strong that it overpowers the urge to use.
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