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Kelly - From Homeless to Certified Recovery Coach

Hey everyone, Kelly France here, certified recovery coach, sober crack addict.

Just happy to be here!

After years battling my own alcoholism and crack addiction, and after 5 solid years of relapsing, I finally got sober for good in August of 2011 after a weekend long crack binge.

What I remember is that I didn’t see any sort of happy existence or hope for my future if I kept going the way I was going. For some reason, that’s the last time I ever used crack or had a drink.

For the first time I guess I was convinced that sobriety wasn’t going to magically happen on its own.

The only way I was going to get clean and stay that way was to take immediate and sustained action.

Since then, my life has changed in ways that I couldn’t even imagine while I was still in my addiction.

I started taking some risks that I was uncomfortable taking, because it put me in a position where I might fail! I didn’t like that.

I started a business with a friend, I started dating, which I was petrified about, and I moved out of my parents’ house! I am always going to be grateful to them for welcoming me back when I couldn’t take care of myself.

I’ve since been taught that the secret to keeping my sobriety is to dream big, take risks and just go for it sometimes even if I might fail.

I was overweight, which I hated so I took up fitness and I’ve become an endurance athlete in sobriety and that is one of the things that has kept me sober for all these years.

I get to run marathons all over Canada and the US today and I’ve met so many amazing lifelong friends along the way.

I became a recovery coach because I saw a need for it.

I saw people in 12 step groups come into meetings, stay for a while, maybe 6 months or a couple years. They would stop using, which is great, but after that I noticed so many people got stuck.

Their lives stayed the same.

They didn’t have anyone to "guide them" after they got sober. Sponsors are great but it isn’t their job to tell you how to live your life! And ask any of your friends at your 12-step group and they’re going to tell you that you’re amazing just the way you are, if you’re sober today, give yourself a round of applause. Puke.

When we get stuck in sobriety and we don’t see much other progress except that we’re still sober, and we don’t have much hope or excitement for our future, often we go back to the drugs and alcohol because it eases the anxiety and gives us the variety in life that we crave. I have been there

That’s where I help.

I work with people at any stage of recovery from before sobriety right up to the person who has 25 years but still wants more from their lives.

If you’re brand new, let me guide you through the detox process if you need that, maybe help you get you get out of your current toxic environment into a sober living community so you can experience the fellowship of the recovery community.

After that we are going to work together on your future. We are going to get you excited about what’s to come in your life now that you’ve found your sobriety and I am going to hold you accountable for your actions!

We address diet, exercise, finances, employment and building confidence!

If you need me, reach out. 416-788-6549 or


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