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Your Best Life Beyond Sobriety - 12 Week Course

Take it from me guys, I know what it’s like to be sober and still be full of anxiety, self doubt, and fear.

In my case, the anxiety came from a story that I kept telling myself and the story was that I still wasn’t going to make it, I’m stuck with an average life so I better get comfortable.

Other people were living great lives, but great wasn’t available to me. I better take any job that someone offers me, I better take any partner that life hands me because it might be my last shot at happiness.

This narrative ran around in my head for years even after getting sober and I confirmed these thoughts by not taking any risks, not looking ahead to my future, and never asking myself what I really wanted my life to look like.

Just getting sober didn’t make me confident.

I can be sober and sad at the same time, and I know I’m not alone.

Why did I let these thoughts win for so long? I didn’t know what to do about them.

I can remember accepting a sales job about 2 years into my sobriety, and for the first 6 months I was petrified that I was going to get fired. I would see my boss come into the sales area and each time a cold sensation came over me because I thought he was coming to get me so we could have “the talk” and he would walk my ass out to the street.

I didn’t get fired from that job, but about 2 years later, I was praying that I WOULD get fired, because I hated it so much. If I just quit, I wouldn’t get severance pay so that was out of the question.

This is what happens when we simply do what is right in front of us and are too afraid to plan ahead, take risks and possibly fail. We waste so much of our precious time.

Tip: If you hate your job, life and sobriety is going to suck. I lied to myself and my friends by pretending I was happy just because I was sober! I didn’t want to admit that the life I was living was not acceptable to me. I thought that I was doing recovery wrong. It turns out that I was right about that.

I have high expectations of myself and when I don’t take ACTION to live up to those expectations, it’s a recipe for disaster, and I lived that way for a long time.

The problem was, I didn’t know what ACTION to take to start being the person that I was going to be proud of.

I am so tired of seeing my brothers and sisters in addiction recovery pretend to be happy while they are living a life that they are clearly not happy with.

The solution to all of this is to realize that we DO have a choice.

WE can decide where our life goes, but we must take some action to make this happen.

I am here to guide you through the process of designing your life and implementing a plan of action to make it your reality.

I am qualified to do this because I have been right where you are.

I have the education and I have the experience to guide you through the transformation necessary to become someone who gets to live a life that is above average.

A life that you will be proud of.

In my 12-week Life beyond Sobriety Course, you will start week one by identifying the future that you REALLY WANT now that you’re sober, and narrow your focus to one or two BIG goals that you’ll laser focus on throughout the next 11 weeks.

Together, we’ll inject strategies into your routine that will ensure that you undergo the identity change necessary to become the person who will not only make your new future a reality, but you’ll also be able to use these strategies for the rest of your life on every dream you set out to accomplish.

The strategies include, but aren’t limited to:

· Having an accountability partner to ensure that you do what you say you’re going to do.

· Changing your “environment” to better suit your future, rather than your past.

· Being transformed into a risk taker.

· Dealing with fear and reframing past trauma so you can move forward.

· Getting healthier physically and mentally.

· Improving your financial outlook by identifying exactly what you want it to look like.

My next course starts on March 23 and I want you to join me.

Are you tired of knowing you can do more but don’t know where to start?

That is exactly what this course will help you with.

Call me with any questions – 416-788-6549

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